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موسسات پژوهشی کشور (انگلیسی)

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مسعود مهرابی
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فریبا نیک سیر
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Every nation now needs its own capacity in research, and the provision of that capacity has become part of the responsibility of modern governments.‎ It is not always realized at world level that Iran, a large nation with a long civilizational tradition, has made very considerable progress in the last three decades in higher education and research.‎ But this scientific progress is evident and the government support programs for R&D has been critical for the overall advance of science and technology in Iran.‎

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مرکز تحقیقات سیاست علمی کشور کانون تفکر در زمینه سیاست‌پژوهی و سیاست‌سازی علم، پژوهش و فناوری در سطح ملی.

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